Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Somehow made it to Seoul...

...and having a bit of a culture shock. I thought coming from Tokyo would help ease me into the life of Seoul, but apparently it did not. I guess I got too dependent hanging out with Anna and her husband and now I am feeling the culture shock from Samoa... I think I just have to force myself to get out there and be among the insanity and the crowds and the foreign language.

Had a few hangups getting here. I had a close connection from Fukuoka to Seoul and had to switch airports from Domestic to International. I made it on the right bus to my hostel, but got a bit lost trying to find the place. With directions like, turn left down the small alley with the pole in front, wasn't exact enough. However some locals saw me standing at the small alley with the pole in front with a very large backpack on my back and a very confused look on my face and offered to help me find it. The place is really beautiful, a traditional Hanok style place (traditional Korean type houses), only a few left around the area. It had a heated floor for warmth, so I have been curling up on the floor reading. I am pretty cold, it's around 35-40 degrees here, so my body has yet to get used to it... I miss the heat of Samoa. It's dry here too and after the humidity of Samoa I think my body forgot to produce its own oil. :) Oh the joys of travelling.

After my last post I did make it to the Imperial Palace and wandered around a few areas in Tokyo by myself, so that is my plan today. I heard there is a beautiful temple nearby I am going to find and then I'll just explore my area. Most places in Seoul don't open until at least 10am so it's nice to get a late start on the day... I'll get over the culture shock, I just need to get out there and get lost in the crowds and shops. I am meeting up with a former volunteer from Samoa tomorrow night for dinner, so hopefully he will have some good suggestions. Then on Saturday I am heading to the DMZ, should be fun... well, interesting. I don't think fun is the correct word. :)

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