Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Colors on the East Coast

I always thought that October was my favorite time of year. Fall colors, pumpkins, my birthday, crisp fall mornings... But, until I moved out to the east, I don't think I have ever experienced a color change in the leaves like out here. On the west coast, we have so many evergreens that the hillsides aren't entirely an array of oranges, reds, yellows and purples.

This last weekend I had a 4 day weekend. For the weekend I headed out to Deep Creak, Maryland, which is in the western panhandle of MD. It was a gorgeous drive out there and the weather held up the entire weekend making for a very nice short vacation. On Saturday we went to go golfing, but because it was a nice weekend and there was a lot going on in town. The course was booked full and only had a few openings. I ended up just going along for the ride and watching the golf game. I am still learning and would have been intimidated playing along with 4 other golfers. It was still fun to watch the game and I enjoyed being outside in some beautiful scenery. It really is a gorgeous golf course and it was a nice day to be outside.

I have posted some pictures below that I took of the course and over the weekend. The camera doesn't really do the fall colors justice, but it's the best I can do.

This first picture is of a ski slope out here. Not bad actually, I bet they get some nice snow in the winter... The trees lining the golf course made for a very nice backdrop.

What can I say? Beautiful fall colors. I liked this red tree alot because it had all of the colors in just itself.

Water, grass, sun... A very nice day.

More beautiful scenic pictures of the course and the colors.

This little church was sitting sort of in the middle of the course. Up on a hillside. Pretty during the day, but I bet a bit spooky at night... in the middle of a lightning storm...

A little bridge in the middle of the course. And a very nice backdrop to some putting.

The entire hillside is full of these colors. The pic above with the lake is not at the golf course. On the way back we stopped at a lake and hiked around a bit and to give our legs some exercise from the long drive back.

Overall it was a really fun weekend away from the city and a nice change of pace. I am very glad we went.

Tomorrow my parents, Bryan and his girlfriend Renee are all flying out for my dads and my birthday next week as well as for a weekend drive trip up to New York City. Should be fun and crazy and exhausting. Until next time...