Friday, February 27, 2009

Life in General

Since the onset and popularity of Facebook, it has been difficult for me to continue to update here and there. I generally post lots of pictures from my day to day on Facebook instead of here. If you want a more detailed update, please find and befriend me. If you can't find me leave a comment here and I will find you!

Work is well, my church is great. God is great for bringing me to it. I have met some wonderful members of all ages, and even grafted myself into a family with a dog and everything. Below are a few pictures from random things over the last few months, like Dylan's visit (he was another PC Samoa volunteer who was on the same island as me), Valentines Day and a few from a weekend in California with Mary. Enjoy.

The Federal Reserve. Looks very foreboding.

Me in my Obama Inauguration hat with my Obama Inauguration water in front of the Whitehouse. Very patriotic I think...

The Vietnam Memorial reflected

Dylan at the WW2 Memorial pointing to the closest we have to our PC country, American Samoa and him in front of his favorite statue in the Smithsonian Sculpture Gardens, the thinking bunny... The original thinking man statue...

I just found out there is an Ice skating rink on the mall! Right in front of the National Archives next to the Smithsonian Sculpture Gardens. Crazy. I am going next year.

Dylan and I attempt to show our affection to the Capitol by being creative..

All dressed up for Valentine's Day. I bought that dress around 8 years ago and this was the first time I have ever worn it. Still fit! I think we look very classy. He took me to the Narrows, a really nice restaurant on the water of the Chesapeake Bay.

Me dressed up. Buena Vista Winery in California in Napa Valley.

Me and Ms Mary in Napa Valley

The vineyards were covered in yellow mustard flowers. The owners don't have them weeded out because they do not affect the taste or smell of the wine. I think they make the vineyards look beautiful.