Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pictures of Tokyo

Now that I have my computer up and running, I have wireless internet at the place I am staying, I can post pictures from my computer. Moving up in the world of technology...

Today I wandered around the more cultural area of Seoul, Insadong. It's the closest to where I am staying. I am still freezing cold and getting colder, but hopefully I will start to get a little more used to it. Tomorrow I will brave the subway and go out to meet the old Peace Corps volunteer. In fact, there are a few from Samoa living here now, so we are going out... Should be fun. Below are some pictures from Tokyo, in no order. Next, pictures of Seoul.

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo. It was the original where the Shogun stayed, but most of it was destroyed in fires and wars. There are only 3 original buildings standing. This is one.

A typical busy street in Shinagawa area.

I took this one for mom. This is how i was served wasabi at one restaurant. You scrape the wasabi root and the mash like stuff is then used. It was so crazy fresh this way it stung...

The view at night from Anna and Will's apartment

On a clear day (one of 2 while I was visiting) you can see Mt Fuji from Anna and Will's apartment. (Not their window, this was taken from the hallway).

The Shinkansen, bullet train we took to Okayama.

This picture was taken in Shibuya in the most crowded intersection in Tokyo. Its like Times Square in New York


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