Monday, December 10, 2007

Pictures from Okayama & Kurashiki

Ok, I was browsing on Anna's computer today and I noticed she had uploaded some of her pictures from our trip to visit Moto. So, I thought I would post a few. I still have a ton of pictures from Tokyo that I will post later, but for now these should suffice.

I am doing well. Anna left today back for the states. Her husband is working all day tomorrow so it's just me, the city and the bus system all by ourselves. I started paying attention to where we were and where we were going when Anna said I would have to make it out to the airport by myself on the bus system when I head out... She lives near Shinagawa. It's in the business area of the city, but we have been to Shibuya, which is where the busiest intersection in Tokyo is... I took pictures. It's insanity. In one of the buildings overlooking the intersection on the 3rd floor is a Starbucks. We went and had coffee and just watched the insanity. We went to Yoyogi park and saw a man dressed in a pink bunny suit with a sign that said "Free hugs." This place is busy and cold and crazy and expensive and the food is amazing. Wish I could have seen a bit more of the country side. Tomorrow I am heading to the Imperial Palace Gardens. Should be fun in winter. Until I can post some pictures from Tokyo, enjoy the ones from Okayama and Kurashiki.

These pictures are from Anna's camera and are in no particular order.

Moto's brother, his mom and Moto. They really treated us like royalty. Moto's mom was absolutely wonderful, cooking for us... she even came to the driveway and waved at us until we were gone... like grandma and grandpa Myers used to do. :)

Some of the gardens at Okayama Castle. You can tell it's winter.

Moto and one of the shrine entrances. Moto was explaining to us that people put stones on the shrine entrance for good luck or prayers.

Anna, me and Moto having matcha (green tea) in a traditional Tea Ceremony

The Okayama Castle

Moto's village of Kurashiki.


Me and Moto

One of the many sites in Kurashiki

Anna and I outside the Okayama Castle. Also known as Crows Castle


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