Sunday, November 18, 2007

Volunteer Thanksgiving Day

Last year I missed the Volunteer Thanksgiving. It is usually held the weekend before the actual day at the American Embassy in Samoa. The building isn't lived in and is rarely used except in events such as these. It is a potluck type event, all volunteers attending must bring food. (I made a green bean casserole). There are usually around 9 or 10 turkeys a few of which are baked in an umu (earthen oven). The umu'ed turkeys are by far and away the best turkeys i have ever eaten. This year my group, 75, was on the serving committee. Dianne and I were the only ones from my group who attended the event, so lots of volunteers pitched in to help us out.

Its a fun time to gather with our Peace Corps friends, eat semi-Thanksgiving food, and just hang out. Because I was on the serving committee I didn't get as much time to sit and eat and enjoy, but i did get my fair share of food and fun. It is always a bit of a melancholy day for me though since I love Thanksgiving back home and i always miss the crazy things my family does on that day: Bunko, yelling and turning tables over; the best Pecan Pie EVER; and just seeing my family. The actual day of Thanksgiving here comes and goes like any other day since it is usually spent in the village, so this is as close as we get, the PC is really like a family here...

Below are a few of my favorite picts taken:

Dylan carving a turkey.

Ray put on a skit about Thanksgiving. He narrated it while Vik and Christian acted it out. It was hilarious. Ray used to be a part of an acting group back home so it was well scripted and played.

Teuila (in red, our nurse) and her daughters enjoying the skit.

Ray and Jan are like family to me here: fellow Savaiians, and the closest volunteers.

Everyone eating and having a fun time.


At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Cousin Tom said...


"the best Pecan Pie EVER"...

I hope this is an endorsement for my Chocolate Covered Wild Turkey Pecan Pie!!!

You wouldn't be pie cheating on me would you?

Wish you could have been here for some on Thanksgiving.

Allison requested it, (somewhat on your behalf, I think) she seems to really love it too.

A country without pecans is no place to be on Thanksgiving.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Julya Steyh said...

It was an endorement for your pie, once you go Chocolate Covered Wild Turkey, you can never go back...


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