Monday, November 05, 2007

Miss and Dont Miss

As most of you know dad has been here for the last 2 weeks. I will post pictures and an update of that when I have more time online, but for now i have some fun stuff instead...

Since I have been in this country I have kept an ongoing list of what I will and will not miss about both the States and Samoa. It consists of 2 large pieces of paper that I add to whenever something makes me feel sentimental or makes me frustrated. I started it as a reminder to myself that no place is perfect and also as sort of a way to help me transition back into the states. If I ever over reminisce about one place or the other I can just look at the list and remember that there where hardships as well as good stuff.

Just as a fun thing for you all back home, I thought it would be fun to post that list. However, because I don’t really want to offend anyone from Samoa or the states, I am just posting the things I will miss from both countries. The things I will not miss are better left un-published on a public website. :) The items below are listed in no particular order…

Miss About the States:
*Skim Milk
*A variety of cereals (although with the new store, the food items are easier to come by now)
*Good available medicines
*Friends weddings and friends having babies
*Margaritas with Richenda
*Actually making some $
*Cold mornings
*Hot water
*Hot showers
*Shower heads
*Being able to exercise
*Coffee breaks with Christi
*Washing machines and DRYERS
*Bubble baths
*Driving = “freedom”
*Trail biking with Brian and Mike
*24 hour Convenience stores
*Nights at El T with Mary and Bruce
*Nice, non-faded clothes
*Random evenings with Miranda
*99c menus
*Fishing, snowboarding, hiking, backpacking
*Being inconspicuous (no bye byes)
*Being able to call whomever whenever
*Less tropical diseases
*Mexican food… really any food with lots of spices
*Food can be left out and there are no ants (meaning everything doesn’t have to go into the fridge)
*Real towels
*My parents, Bryan and family
*Lunch breaks with Jenny and Laura
*Bible Study
*Community at church
*The drive out to and the visit with Matt and Grace
*My cat and the family dogs
*Grandma Steyh, Grandpa Lloyd and Aunt Audrey

Will Miss About Samoa:
*Crazy loud rain
*Other Peace Corps volunteers
*How friendly most Samoans are
*Hearing the waves on the reef from my house
*The scenery
*Lunch at Lusia’s Lagoon
*Beautiful and VERY eventful bus rides
*No emphasis on time
*Frangipani (pua) trees
*Dog - ie. Timbo (pronounced Team-bow)
*The faletua (pastor’s wives I live with) and some faifeau (pastors)
*My students and other teachers
*The ava circle on the balcony of the 3rd floor lounge
*My bus driver
*Cocoa Samoa
*Traveling on the boat chatting with other volunteers
*Random t-shirts. Ex. NOS – Nitrous Oxide System, or ones from your hometown on some random person
*My view (My village is the best)
*Peace Corps Friendships: The 4 T’s and Girls Nights
*The bike ride down my village
*The dog that howls along to the 5:30am bell every morning
*Fa’apeacecorps (Peace Corps way)
*Rain louder than you can think
*The waterfalls, ocean and rainforests
*Student hugs
*My superkako (guy that helps the bus driver)
*Looking at pictures with students
*Laupama, Meaalofa, Paepae, Lesa and Seti
*Smokey fields Sunday mornings from the umu’s (earthen ovens)
*Zone bus rides
*Samoa’s Own Chilli Sauce (yes, spelled with 2 l’s)
*Breadfruit and palosami (food)
*Hibiscus flowers
*Random things that only happen in Samoa (TIS – This Is Samoa)
*Visiting other volunteers in their village
*Heading into Apia for a night after spending a month in the village
*Trips to Salelologa (main town on Savai'i)
*Throwing Fiafia’s for the new group
*Weeding with my neighbors and students
*Late nights with some of the volunteers
*Teasing Meaalofa and her teasing right back (She’s really the Samoan equivalent of me)


At 6:16 AM, Anonymous Cousin Tom said...

Thanks for the mention of Aunt Audrey, Grandpa Lloyd, Grandma Steyh.

We all miss them.

Please remember that they are always with you in your memories and thinking about you.

I am sure they all miss you too.


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