Monday, November 12, 2007

Faamavaega on Savaii

Faamavaega means literally going away gathering. This last weekend I had the first of hopefully a few. This one was specifically for all of my Savaii friends. Not that I have something against the other islands, it's just that Savaii people rarely get the opportunity to just chill together. Usually when we see each other, it's in Apia and we are busy with meetings, doctors appointments or other Peace Corps related gatherings. So, I thought it would be fun to head up to some of the beach fales on Savaii near Manase (north east side of the island), and spend a few nights.
All in all, it was fun. There were a few things that weren't so fun and a few changes in plans, but for the most part i had a blast and I am glad that we planned it. Below are a few pictures from the fun event:

Jan chilling in the beach fale

Amos getting ready for spear fishing... he never caught anything, the line broke on him after 2 attempts.

Ray, smoking away on his pipe as usual.

Tim chilling in the fale.

Me, Tim and Dylan on one of our last nights hanging out.

Vik, his usual self, un-censored and unabrigded

Dylan and Sarah chatting together on day 2


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Hola Julya Steyh,
Greetings from Brazil!
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