Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dad's Visit Pics

Ok, so here is a small sampling of dad's visit here. It was for 2 weeks, but this time we didn't tour around the islands, he wanted to experience the Peace Corps life. We took buses everywhere, some of which were insanely crowded and few that made more errands than I thought possible, and chilled a good amount of time on the compound. He arrived on my birthday, baked me a fairly ugly but yummy cake, went to the Halloween Party, and then did church and everything else with me.
Below are some pictures that best represent his time here. Enjoy:

The cake dad baked for me. He sent the box and frosting over early, but he wasn't prepared for how hot and humid this country is. The top half of the cake broke, so he tried to fill in the gap with frosting, which made it start to slide off to the side, so he stuck toothpicks into the sides to hold it all in place. Then he put icing on it, which started to melt down the side. Then he lit the candles which melted all over the top, coating it in a nice fine layer of wax... but it tasted AMAZING. :) Nice job dad.

The night before the Halloween party I was working on my costume which was to be the Wheel of Morality from the cartoon Animaniacs. However, the day of the party the other Savaiians came to me and asked me to be part of their Spartans... The Queen of Sparta.
Meghan dressed as something... and me the Queen of Sparta.
My entire Yr 13 class. I will miss you! From left to right: Togipau, Pua, Lagia, Fiaavae, Isaia, Afele, Fale, Sam, Vaoloa, Naifoua, Heseti. And in front: Ivapene, Siteka and Florence. Those i will miss the most when I head outta here.
Me teaching class. My counterpart Lailing is sitting right in front of the camera.
The day dad gave the students the t-shirts with their names and Year 13 Computer Class on the backs of it. They loved it. Something they will always have to remember their senior year of school.

Me and Dog.

Dad, Nick, Jan and I went for a bike ride... I think I was getting a little impatient waiting. :)

Lauapama and her 2 daughters Lesa and Seti (little one) at church. Laupama is the closest thing to a sister I have here.

Laupama, me and dad after church.


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