Sunday, November 18, 2007

All Volunteer Conference

Once again it was time for the annual All Volunteer Conference. This was my third and final one to attend. It was very similar to the last few years', tho it was strange being the group on their way out. I am just starting to get to know a few of the people in group 78 really well and it's sad to realize we are heading out and I wont get to know them like I have the other groups... Guess that's a part of PC really tho. This year Kim (our Country Director) gave me a small gift of appreciation for being the only member of my group on Savaii (really the only one not in Apia) and for therefor attending all of the Volunteer Action Committee meetings (every group must have one representative from each island attend... hence it was just me).

The night of the conference we had a birthday party for another volunteer (Todd - Gp77) and the theme was dress as something that starts with an A and a T. I went as Absent Tim since he wasn't at the party...

Below are a few fun pictures of the day and night of this topic.

People highly engaged in Teuila's Medical Report.

Christian and Mark in Group 78. We are always serious here.

Me dressed as Tim. See last picture to confirm this is indeed what Tim looks like...

Justin dressed as an "Amputated Thumb" we were comparing our nubbins...

Dylan and Tim the next morning at the hostel.


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