Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fjiordlands and Backpacking and Pics

Our trip has been just amazing. Since my last post I think Sally and I have hiked all over the south and fjiordlands. After talking to the owner of Milford Sound Lodge, we decided that for $60 it was just too expensive to hike part of the Milford Track. While I wish that I could say I have been on the track, it just isn't going to be on this trip. With limited funds, we have to chose our adventures carefully. So, we opted to do the longest hike that was open this time of year and according to the lodge owner, the best: Keys Summit. It started on another "Great" track, Routeburn and turned off to the ridge overlooking an amazing valley, gorges and more amazing peaks.

The rest of the day we spent driving to other shorter hikes, but just as fun. We saw a chasm, a waterfall and numerous rivers. It was a good day. We are back in Queenstown again walked all over the lake area. Sally is running right now and we are going out for Ferg burgers again tonight. Once you find something cheap and amazing, you stick with it.

It started raining in the sound today and snowing on the passes, so we are glad to be back in the Adventure Capital of the World: Queenstown. I vow to come back when I have the money for the adventures, but we did have a nice walk around the area today.

Ok. I am cold, someone left the door open to the lounge and my fingers hurt. I will cut this short today and write more in a few.

Enjoy the pictures below from Queenstown, Milford Sound, the roads between the 2, and our hikes.

The view from our hike to Keys Summit.

A small lake at the top of the Keys Summit hike.

Another lake view from the summit.

One of the rivers we hiked across on our hiking day.

Sunset at Milford Sound

Yet another amazing mountain view on the drive towards Milford Sound

Sheep love to pose for pictures every chance they get. These ones suggested that the mountain would make a nice backdrop for their cameos.

Mountains perfectly reflected in a lake.

Mitre peak in Milford Sound on a clear day (very rare).

Overcast, but still beautiful: Milford Sound

Mt Cook reflected from Lake Matheson.

A mountain range on the drive down towards Queenstown.

The View of the Remarkables Range and Queenstown looking down from the gondola

The Remarkables

Yet another shot of the Remarkables. I liked this range. Queenstown was purty.

Mitre Peak at Sunset.

Moutains reflected in the aptly named Mirrow Pond.


At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Aunt Susan said...

Julya, I've been enjoying your narrative and photos; it's as if you're providing a personal travelogue of New Zealand! Also brings home the wonders of the miraculous creation in which we live. . .

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

These pictures are gorgeous. I am glad you are getting a chance to see places you have always wanted to visit. I took your advice and looked up Milford Sound in the encyclopedia and notices that locations near Milford Sound were used for scenes in the movies Lord of the Rings and Fellowship of the Rings. Beautiful area.

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures! I had no idea that NZ was so beautiful! I'm sure pictures are only telling half the beauty that you are able to see in person. Truly spectacular spectacular! -Brandon

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Kim said...

WOW...I hope all is well and those are incredible photos....I am so happy that you had a great time...take care

At 11:59 PM, Blogger SOS FAVORITES said...

I like the photo shots...they look like magazines photos :) Very nice!

At 2:32 PM, Blogger Miranda said...

Brilliant! The pics are stunning. You might have a future as a photographer for postcards. Have you and Liz discussed your loves of sheep?


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