Monday, August 06, 2007

Emailing Problems & Other News

Quick message out for all of you that I tend to get emails out to every now and then:

The internet connection at the office in Savai'i has been acting up lately and I haven’t had a chance to email anyone. I can view my emails, but I can’t respond back to them. So, if you are all wondering if I have indeed finally fallen off the face of the earth or just tripped over another rock somewhere, I have not. My means of communication seem to be temporarily hindered. How, you ask, am I able to send out this blog update and yet not access email? I myself wonder the same thing. Some sites just work.

So, until we convince our IT guy to really soup up our computers here or let us IT volunteers take a look at it, I am not sure when this situation will remedy itself. I will continue to read emails and try and get a few sent out when I bring my computer into the Savai'i office or I am in Apia next… which funny you should ask is tomorrow and again on Friday.

As to how I am doing, things are just speeding along. I feel like someone put time on warp speed and I can’t seem to slow things down. How do I get up on Monday and then find myself finishing school on Friday. What happens to those days in between? Where did they go? It could be that because I am leaving in around 4 months I just feel like the end is racing towards me. Other volunteers that have come and gone do warn that the last year flies by, but I thought that at least I would be able to savor the last few months. I feel like they are just pulling time out from under me like a rug. Oh well. I should focus not so much on school right now and just learn to enjoy being here and being apart of this world and community because I will never have this again. Every time I come back for a visit I will be just that, a visitor.
Hope this finds everyone well. Until next time…


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