Tuesday, August 28, 2007

COS (Close of Service) Conference

Yeah, even tho I am not leaving for another few months still, they like to have our COS conference at least a couple months before our actual leave dates. That way we know what is expected of us to get out of the country and close out everything that needs to be. We learn things like writing resumes (although since our youngest group member is 26, I think we have experience with that), medical close out stuff (they might actually let me out of the country... maybe kick me out), going away speeches and gifts for families... that kind of thing. It wasn't all just meetings and discussions tho, we also had time to enjoy ourselves a bit. It was held at the nicest resort in Samoa, Sinelei, though I don't know if I would say the place was worth the price. Overall it was a blast. Pictures follow.

Who is left in Group 75. Sara, me, Ryan, Holly, Bryan, Marques, Dianne, Candice and John in front. We started with 14, and have 9 left. Here's to those who have been kicked out or just couldn't make it...

Bryan during one of our many reflection sessions

A night of relaxation... Sara, Dianne and Holly and i hung spoons from our noses - they were really heavy! (This picture is for Grandma Steyh.)

Ryan lounging in the amazing pool. The fact that it's a pool makes it amazing really.

Holly chilling in our A/C rooms.

I took a crack at golf, not bad if I say so myself, if you don't include all the practice swings where I missed the ball completely. Ryan, Sara and I played, we weren't keeping score. *Notice the cow in the background of the pic. He kept mooing while we were swinging.

Dianne and I at breakfast. Food was good.

Ok. So maybe the ball didn't always go where I wanted it to... notice there are 2 balls in that sand trap (Ryan's as well).

Candice chilling in a nice comfy chair in the conference room.


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