Sunday, July 08, 2007

America Day

Since the 4th of July fell in the middle of the week and some of us are teachers, or just had things to do, those of us on Savaii decided to get together the weekend after the 4th to celebrate "America Day" and Tim's Birthday. We had 7 of the 10 Savaii volunteers attend, not a bad turnout. There was to be no eating of Samoan food (successful), no speaking of Samoan (very unsuccessful - apparently we like speaking it), and TONS of American food. The type of food consumed consisted of French Toast, Hotdogs in massive quantities, tortillas with real minced meat, bacon and eggs... Now some of you may be saying that french toast, Mexican food, etc is not American food, but it's what we were able to find and somewhat of a luxery item here, so it counts. The event was hosted at Dylan's house. He has his own place like me and it's fairly close to town for those of us that had to leave early.

It was a great weekend. The weather was amazing. It was sunny and breezy and NOT HOT. Meaning, we could sit in the sun all day in the wind and not get all hot and sweaty. It was fun and felt like the closest to America we can get while here. Below are a few sampling of photo's that captured our efforts to produce America Day.

Everyone laying out in the sun. Tim's legs, Sarah and Vik, and Dylan sitting in the chair.

Dylan getting the setup ready to watch movies from his computer on the tv and listen to music. We are computer geeks... it's true.

Vik, Sarah and Dylan. We played a few games that night. Not sure what this one was.

Vik and Derek.

Vik, Amos and Tim arguing over the rules.


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