Wednesday, May 30, 2007

SAF Fashion Awards

The Fashion Show models.

Those of us that helped out with the VIP area: Jame (PC), Emma (AusAid) and me.

Once again I am posting about an event that i attended the previous year. It feels strange to be on the downward slope of my time here. As I mentioned earlier and a friend pointed out was a funny perspective, "I will be done soon, only 7 more months... Crazy how time flies." Done soon = 7 months... :)

But, yes. The Fashion Awards you ask. Last year around this time Sara and Ethan roped me in to helping out SAF (Samoa Aids Foundation) throw their 2nd Annual Fashion Awards to raise awareness and support for the organization. Since I helped out last year, my name was on the contact list this year. I showed up day of, since it was the day after I got back from Vanuatu. They told me i would be serving food and to come back later in the evening. Since I had helped out last year, I guessed that they probably weren't as prepared as they appeared so I stayed around and offered my services. I was put to use helping Tim build the stage. After a few hours I was exhausted and needed a break before the event.

I ended up helping usher in the VIP and sponsors since that is what i did last year. I knew what to expect and was not as supprised or thrown off as a few were when it all started to get crazy. But, in the end it all worked out and I got to sit and chill while I watched the show. It wasn't as exciting as it was last year. I think it's because I know most of the people and it was very similar to the year before. I met the lady who designs Tav clothes. They are amazing dresses that cost a lot in the states and France, based in the Cook Islands and also sold here in Samoa. I am glad to say that I helped out, it was fun, and now I am done. Back to Avanoa Tutusa stuff and school.

Below are a few shots I liked, and since the internet connection is fast right now, I decided to post.
Manase at sunset.
Me teaching my Tech 1 class. Look what a real lab it finally is starting to look like!
My year 13 class. The 2 girls are Togipau and Fale (who I am helping).


At 1:15 AM, Anonymous Dad said...

You look great. That's a nice dress. Is that your mother in the back of your lab on the computer?

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous kim said...

wow!! look mahvalus!


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