Friday, May 18, 2007

Parents Visit!

Here are a few pictures from my parents visit. I will continue to post more this week, as the internet connection has been slow lately.

Dad fresh off the plane at the airport.

A nice black and white pic of mom at dinner with Apia Harbor in the backdrop.

We took a tour of the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum which is just a tour of his original house while he lived and died in Samoa. Most of the furniture is a recreation, but it was still cool to walk through his old place and see how it was laid out. The picture above is of his den or study. It's a real fire place in the background... never been used of course. :)

We also headed out to my training village of Falevao for a visit. My family treated my parents like royalty, serving them coconuts and a nice spread of food. My training dad sat and chatted with my parents awhile even though his English isn't so good, I had to be translator. My dad took a pic of the whole family, which I don't have in town with me, but will post it later. The picture above is of my sister Folole, her husband and their new week old baby Ernesto. Even though she had the week old baby, she still did all of the cooking and serving.. :)
Viliamu, Laupama's Husband. When we arrived on the compound, they invited my family and me to the Toonai (Sunday brunch) at their place after church. Laupama has been like a sister to me this last year. I would call her and Viliamu and their 2 girls my real family in Samoa.


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