Friday, May 18, 2007

More Parents pictures

Some pictures from my parents travels. In no particular order to their trip.

When we were in Savaii dad and I wanted to go to the Canopy walk in Falealupo (the end of the world, since it's the last most Western spot in the world before the International Date line). It was cool. Set above the rain forest, all of the proceeds go to the village. At the end of the bridge there was a tree house we climbed the stairs to the top of. 200 feet high set in a 160 year old Banyan tree.

Dad and his song book at church. Notice the white attire. Laupama made mom and I matching puletasi's for church.

And here are the matching puletasi and shirt that Siniva made my parents. Don't they look cute?

Mom with one of my counterparts, Lailing. Lailing is from Singapore and is married to a Samoan. She is training to take over my year 13 class when I leave.

Me sitting outside my place in my hammock that dad set up. While he was setting it up I think every child on the compound and maybe the west side of the island gathered around to watch dad set up this crazy looking thing. They laughed even harder when they saw me climb into it.


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