Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dengue Fever

I know that I promised everyone last week that I would type out a very nice detailed account of our successful Career Day on Upolu. That however never happened. Upon returning home Wednesday morning, I showered and got ready for school. I only had one class at the end of the day and I felt really lethargic all day. I figured I was getting over just a long weekend in Apia and needed a good nights sleep.

I had planned on doing nothing that evening, maybe watching a few episode's of Grey's Anatomy on my computer. I felt a little cold so I turned off my fan. Then my legs started hurting a bit. A little later in the evening I was really cold and I thought to take my temperature. It was 103! Dengue fever is going around and so I got a little concerned and called our PC nurse. She told me to wait it out that night. I was miserable. By Thursday afternoon it was clear something was wrong. I couldn't move from bed, my whole body ached, my eyes even hurt and I had a steady fever. The PC nurse agreed to bring me into Apia the next day and i have been here ever since.

It is no fun. I am not done with it yet, but the doctor figured I needed a to get out of the room for awhile so I got a little internet time in! There isn't really anything you can do for dengue. It is caused from mosquitos. Nicknamed break your bones fever. All you can do is take tylenol for the pain and drink A LOT of water. I didn't get it as bad as other volunteers did, so I was lucky in that aspect. The last part I am still waiting for is the rash that signals the end of it. It has been pretty miserable and I have NO energy now from it, but it will be over soon. For about 2 weeks after you still have low energy and feel very lethargic.

After I feel closer to 100% I will post an update about Career Day and the one coming next week. Now, as I lay in bed I start feeling bad about missing so much school; it's not fair to the students, but they were a little ahead anyways, and I try not to focus on that. I will teach them when I get better. I feel loved and well taken care of so don't worry about me. :)

Until next time.


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