Friday, March 30, 2007

Back on Upolu

Hey everyone,
Sorry for the lack of pictures lately, but my house was broken into when I was in Apia last time with dengue fever and they got my camera. We aren't sure who did it, but I have my suspicions. They litterally pulled the lock out of the wood and bent the metal. I now have 2 new locks on the door and feel fairly secure when I leave for Apia.

In other news, I am doing a lot better. I have a bad case of the coughs and the doctors are worried it might be bronchitis or pneumonia, I will find out later today when I go to the doctors office.

In school, I have a fun story. My a/c has been broken lately (fixed yesterday) and I was getting tired of lecturing my Year 13 class. One day I headed to class and about 5 students were there. The rest of the class was on a field trip for History. So, I decided to do something different and fun. I taught them pig latin. They loved it. They are speaking it all the time. The only problem is, they are doing it in Samoan. My Samoan isn't great enough that I understand it all! So I am totally confused when they speak it to me! :) Plus, I have caught them swearing in pig lating. So, I had to make a rule, no swearing in English, Samoan, Samoan Pig Latin, or English Pig Latin! :)

Hope this finds everyone well. Until next time...


At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Adday said...

Iway ovelay itway!!! Ou'veyay artedstay omethingsay andway ouyay
on'tway ebay ableway otay opstay itway.

Ovelay, Adday

At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is great (I won't attept pig latin like your Adday...that's impressive..not sure I've seen it written down before). Just make sure the kids don't try and put "fluency in Pig Latin" on their CVs!!! :) Hope the tests come back well and good to see you're on the mend! - Brandon


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