Thursday, December 28, 2006

Visiting Melbourne for the Day

I know, some of you may be thinking, "You crazy palagi's. You flew down to Melbourne for just a day?" Well, we did and it was a blast. We were a little tired since Clair and I had stayed up pretty late the night before and had done a lot of walking around Sydney as well. We took a 7am flight down and a 7pm flight back. We met up with a current Aussie Samoa volunteer and his girlfriend took us around the city to see the sights. It was so much fun. Next time I will have to visit for longer than 12 hours...

The skyline of Melbourne ... The view of the city from the Sky Tower. The tall building in the background is the tallest office building in the southern hemisphere.

The Samoa volunteers: Nicole (same group as Clair), Clair, Alex (been in Samoa 6 months, has another 6 months to go), and me. ... ... The pictures of the kangaroos are not from Melbourne. They were taken on my trip with Clair into the Blue Mountains. I wanted to see kangaroos in the wild, not at a zoo, so we went to a camping ground on the way back where a guide said kangaroos frequent during the evening hours. Aren't they cute?
Me with the kangaroos in the background. Like I mentioned above, they were not in Melbourne but in a campground near the Blue Mountains. I still haven't seen any koalas in the wild yet. But I did see a gang of cockatoos.


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