Monday, December 25, 2006

Pictures from Australia

Merry Christmas from Australia!
Here are a few fun pictures from Sydney and around the area for everyone. I will post a detailed update when I get back, but I thought pictures were fun and so easy here with broadband! I love fast connections. :) Really I am having a blast. Clair's family is great. Christmas eve was a riot with them all. I am heading to midnight mass with them tonight. Since I am not Catholic, that will be my first Midnight mass. Should be interesting. We have just had a blast driving up and down the south coast and exploring Sydney. It is great to do it with Clair because she knows all the fun little hideaways and the cheaper fun spots. I am freezing cold here and it's about 68 degrees. What has Samoa done to my body temperature tolerance? I guess living in 90 humid weather for a year straight will do that to you. Clair has lent me a lot of warm clothes, can't say I brought a lot with me, or even really own some.

I am most looking forward to Christmas tomorrow and the couple days after that. We might head down to Melbourne for the day. We will see if the tickets are cheap enough for us. There are a few other old volunteers from Samoa there that we would like to visit. I am still a little overwhellmed with the amount of stuff everywhere, grocery stores are daunting... It's been raining pretty heavily all day. Everyone here says it's unusual for the area this time of year, but being from the Seattle area I feel right at home! :)

Until next time, Have a Merry Christmas!

Me in Syndey by the bridge ... Clair at the south coast in Cronulla

Clair's parents Christmas tree .. I thought the shot from the plane on the way to Australia was nice. It is one of the islands in Fiji. If I can't go there and see it from the ground, at least I can see it from the air. :)

Me outside the Sydney Opera House, I thought my "Savai'i Girl" tee-shirt was appropriate that day. :)


At 11:14 AM, Anonymous mom said...

Merry Christmas. It is only the 24th in the morning here, I am glad you are having a great vacation and have wonderful friends to spend Christmas with. We all miss you. We went to Uncle Larry & Aunt Carrie's for dinner yesterday, because your Dad and Bryan are going to the Seahawks game today. They had better win or they are going to blow their divisional lead. I get to say home and relax.
Happy Birthday Jesus - Enjoy your Christmas day.
Love Mom

At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Christi said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! You are on vacation! Finally! I hope you took advantage of getting sleep too :)

Seahawks lost but so did the 49ers so we are in, barely! We will see how well the Hawks do in the playoffs!
Love ya!


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