Saturday, December 16, 2006

The palagi on the boat

It tilts from side to side
I see your face turns shades of the palms
I watch as you try to walk
staggering around, you make me laugh.
No one notices
The eyes stare straight
Someone looks up from a nap
Lines from the seat impress upon their dark soft face.
You aren't going to make it.
I see that now.
Almost stumbling over that woman.
A large lump of material covers her, squarley in your way.
How can she sleep so soundly, you wonder.
The last thing your eyes focus on is sky and water as one.
Murky dark water and that crisp spotless sky.
A momentary relief until the cycle repeats itself.


At 2:50 PM, Blogger Liz said...

I love it!
I can just imagine one time on the ferry in WA during a record winter storm... err, I think I feel it, too...
gotta run!

At 4:28 AM, Anonymous Cousin Tom said...

I take it you had a rough trip amongst the islands. Reminds me a bit of the Turkey Day 2006 trip to Vashon.

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