Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Pictures

I found a few extra pictures I wanted to add to this blog. I am getting ready to head out to Australia. But, first I am going to Pago Pago to get some work done on my tooth. The same tooth I have had problems with this whole time. Hopefully this visit will take care of it.

I will post a little more later, but until then pictures are always fun...

Kevin with a shirt that says Working Together to Help the Animals of Samoa. And a fish in a plastic baggie...

Lafi in the background and me at the lake.

Me and Julia just before she headed out... Miss you!

Me and Tofa. Not one of my computer students, but a great girl and a good friend here.

The hike through... pine trees? Great flora and fauna on this hike. Some of it was very unusual and not typical for Samoa. Sort of a feeling of comfort though to walk through the pine trees...


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