Monday, December 25, 2006

Australia Pictures

The bridge at night ... The Opera House at night. (Aren't I a great photographer?) Just joking. :)

The entry to the Opera House ... Me eating some real food! It is a plate of feta pasta with all the fixings unavailable in Samoa. I sure feel spoiled with all the food Clair's family is feeding me. I never thought I would have missed things like grapes and spinach so much. :)

My favorite shot I took of the Opera House. I took quite a few so I thought I would spare everyone and post just the good ones.


At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Cousin Tom said...

Hi Julya,

WOW, what a great vacation and time to visit Aussie-land.

I envy you for this trip more than you can imagine. I have always wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand and Tasmania.

Having studied under Jorn Utzon (the Danish Architect of the Opera House) as a visiting lecturer when I was at the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture back in '75 I have always wanted to visit the Opera House up close, in person. The overall design is such an exquisite piece both sculturally and architecturally. I could spend days just studying the details of it. I am afraid that the standard tourists tour of the building would be a sad disapointment for my, I would want to tour the facility with the Building Engineer and really get to touch, feel and see the structural, mechanical and systems details.

I can imagine you must have felt a bit overwhelmed being back in 'civilazation' for a while. Between that and the climate differences it must have been a real shock to your system.

Take care,
Cousin Tom


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