Wednesday, December 20, 2006

American Samoa

On Monday I had to go back to American Samoa for more dental work on the same tooth that I had gone in previously for.

I sat in the cold airconditioned waiting room for a good 3 hours before they finally called me in. When I finally laid down on the chair the dentist asked me which tooth hurt specifically. I couldn't point to a specific tooth, but I pointed to the area in general in which it was throbbing. He poked and prodded and it hurt a lot. Then he went to xray it and it showed no cavities! I have no cavities. He thinks it is related to all of the sinus problems I have been having these last few months. Hopefully with the all natural stuff I will be receiving in the mail soon it will get a little better. I am just tired of my sinuses and having everything be related to them. I will try and get a second opinion when I am in Australia. I'll keep everyone updated.

I leave for Australia tomorrow, so I will type out a nice long update when I get back. Have a great Christmas everyone! Merry Christmas. Until I get home again...

From the road going to Pago. (pronounced Pawn-go)

Just a nice mountain scape view.

The funny little buses in American Samoa.

The airport. It looks like a lot of little outside fales. I love it.


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