Sunday, November 12, 2006

Trainee Visit

For the Trainee Visit, Laura came out to visit. Bob had Wesley stay with him. We did the usual things like go to the waterfall near our house (though the water was super strong because it was pouring that day) and taking them to the beautiful beach near our house.

On Thursday a couple of other volunteers around the island met up at La La's house with their trainees and we cooked a massive meal. Then a few of them headed over to Bob and my house to stay since La La's house is smaller and she had a trainee.

I think the highlight of the visit for me is that I love Laura. She is an awesome girl. I cannot wait for her to swear in and to hang out. She will be living far away from me (on the other side of the other island), but she has promised to visit and I will make it out her way too. I also loved the work day. One of the days at school was a work day. I told Laura we could do what we wanted to that day, but she wanted to weed with the students. So we got down and dirty with my Year 12 students and they LOVED it!

Here are some pictures:

Laura at the beach near my house.

Wesley and Dave (both from the new group) chowing down on some great food we cooked for them.

Laura with a few of my Year 12 class.

The Year 12 class showing Laura how to eat a sugar cane.

Laura and I weeding next to my house with my Year 12 class. It was work day at school and Laura wanted to join. They were excited.


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I love it when you include pictures! Miss you SO much.



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