Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Manono Trip Pictures

Clair, Me and La La all dolled up for church. White hats and everything.

The grandkids of the couple that owned the house: Junior-age 2, Josephine-age 1, and Si'u-age 5.

The dock next to the family's house that we stayed with.

Some of the women playing Bingo.

A nice shot on Manono Island


At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Dad said...

With the hats and dresses you three look ready for an Easter service. The flip flops would be a little odd though.

At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Ms Mary said...

Yeah, I'm with pops here on this one.......a bit too 80's looking for me, although, skinny jeans and big ugly sweaters are back in again. PLUS, remember zipper jeans? I just saw some yesterday with Bianca over at Urban Outfitters. Haven't seen those since about 4th grade....


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