Friday, June 30, 2006

Pictures of hiking with Derek and Erin

Some of the kids that Erin and I played soccer with. They stop by my house everyday now when it's time to play and ask me to join them.

Derek on our hike to the lake

Me hugging and smelling a pine tree...

Erin and I on the top of the mound. It was a good hike and an amazing view

The lake when we first arrived there had a cool fog on it.


At 2:37 AM, Anonymous dad said...

Great pictures Julya. Is it hard keeping up with those young kids in soccer? Don't squeeze the tree too hard, the bark is rough.

Love, dad

At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your life in Samoa and picture,I really missed it, I was a high school teacher Vaiola Savaii, I am from Afiamalu (lake Launatoo), ashame, if that was our dog that bothered you guys (Lake Launatoo,)


Ropati Nofoasaefa
Johns Hopkins Uni School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD

At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHA Hey Julya! Mark Hanusa here...I was just in Africa where I got to play soccer with some kids...they dominated me little 7 year olds could take the ball from me with ease but it was fun regardless (and my ego got built up when we played some basketball)...Well I hope (and it sounds like you are) that you are enjoying life and growing closer to God at the same time...
talk to ya sometime,

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

Hi sweetie.
Today is Kendalls 6th birthday 6-2-06. I told her at chuch today that I would contact you and let you know. She is getting so big. I didn't get a change to talk to Richandia, but talked to Kyle and he said to say hi. He has a new job and hasn't got all the addresses yet from Richandia so he hasn't been able to write or keep up with your adventures. Didn't see Julie today, she was at Matt parents with the kids. Matt preached today and it was really good. I guess he came home last night from a Church conference in Denver and he had left his car keys and house keys at the Denver hotel. Byron Sherry met him at the airport and made sure he got home, but when he got home all the doors and windows were locked except the one on the second floor above the bathroom. He got the ladder and tied to climb up. When he had one arm, one leg and his head in the window, the ladder fell. It was hilarious listening to him tell the tale. It was all centered around praying for your minster. I thing he made the point. He did make it into the bathroom, but ended up sweeping all the bottles and etc from all the counters. I guess it was a mess. Good thing Julie is still at Matt's mothers.
Dad is going to make dinner tomorrow for our anniversity. I have to make the vegatables and the Appetizers. Dad gets to barbeque the steaks and make the salad. Sounds like way too much food for me. I think we will forget the vegatables, and go with the salad. Bryan is on his way up to Alaska for about a month. We heard from him at Ballard, when when they stopped at headquarter dock for gas. They are going all the way up to Bristo Bay which is very close to Russia, and cold. He will be back in about a month, home for 5 days and then heading back again. Not sure who they are taking cargo to, but I think the second trip will be setting up for the crabbers and fishermen for the winter. Hope he doesn't have to go up again during the winter like this year. I was going to try to take tommorrow off, but think I had better go into the office. Last week was hetic, because so many people were off and they will all be back, and things need to be decided. Maybe I will take Wednesday off. The weather is to hot, I probably should stay at work in the air conditioning, but I want to get some things done around the property and haven't beem able to get much done with all the weddings and graduations.
Glad to see you are out hiking and biking. (Except for the dog fear). Take care.
Love you bunches.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger Julya Steyh said...

Wow mom, thanks for the update. It's good to hear from everyone. Ropati, my neighbor is from Baltimore. And his Samoan name is Ropati... cool.
Mark, those kids are awesome and they are like 6 years old. Erin played in college, so she is a pretty great player. It is fun playing with them; I am definatly getting better...

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