Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wedding Pictures

Mary getting picked up ... Me and the best man, Kim

Mary and Kim dancing around the fire. Mary and Bianca with Samoan's own chilli sauce. They love it!

Mary and I at the wedding. Isn't she gorgeous?


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Kim said...

I love your blog and the photos...I had sooo much fun with everyone...I thank all of you for being good friends!...It was great seeing you again Julya. Olive Juice

At 7:07 PM, Blogger Julya Steyh said...

Elephant Chew Kim too!

At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Dad said...

Looks like a lovely setting. I hope you got enough r and r to last until your next break. Glad I got to see you in LA. Mexico would have been nice but it would have been a stretch.

Love, Dad

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Mary said...

hi sweetie,

it was so great to have you there. i couldn't have done it without you. thanks for making the trek and for being there for us. Elephant shoe you Ms. Julya!

M.S. Mary (How do you like this idea - still keeping the MS) :)

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Silver/Alexis said...

I am in none of those oh well i don't care. As if i am that stupid...... (#)_(#)


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