Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Trip to Mexico

Hey everyone.
I just arrived back in country this morning. It has been a great trip. I headed down to Cabo San Lucas in
Mexico for Mary and Bruce's wedding, but also to see my mom and just have a nice break from PC. I was really looking forward to seeing my mom. My dad told me that he would not be joining us in Mexico since it was a small wedding and since I spent so much time with him in Alaska without mom before I left. The flight to LA was LONG. It is a 10 hour flight. But there were some good movies, so I didn't go too crazy. I have never been able to sleep on airplanes. Anyways, I arrived in LA and finally made it through customs to see my mom waiting for me on the outside. I admit I got a little teary eyed when I saw her, but then she told me she had a surprise for me. I turned to look and saw my father walked out of the crowd. Well, I started crying. I had no idea he was coming down, so it was great. We spent the night in LA and ran a lot of errands and bought a few things I needed, but cannot find in Samoa.

Then dad said goodbye the next day and flew back to
Seattle while mom and I continued on to Cabo. It was so great seeing Mary and Bruce again. Mom, dad and Mary and Bruce are the first friends or family from home that I have seen since I left 7 months ago. The first couple of days were just hanging out at the hotel’s pool and getting to know a few of their friends better. It was a very small wedding and I knew a few of the people there already. Kim was the best man and I had previously hung out with him before. It was a very fun group of people. It was great seeing all of the places that Mary has told me about. We went to their favorite restraints, and just hung out. We got to know a few of the bartenders and waiters there. They are all really nice people. :) Wouldn’t you agree Mary? :)

The day of the wedding wasn’t a huge stress deal either. Mary, Bianca (Bruce’s daughter) and I got pedicures and manicures in the morning and then Mary had her hair and makeup done a little closer to the wedding time. For those of you that know, one of the small stresses we were worried about was me not possibly fitting into the dress. Before I left for Samoa I gave Mary my size and she ordered the dress. I couldn’t very well come back for a fitting, so it had to work. When I first arrived in Samoa, I was still getting used to the food differences. I gained a little bit of weight. There was no way the dress could be altered so I just had to get back down to size. In the end, it fit perfectly. There were no real problems, except for a minor strap issue with my dress, but nothing drastic.

The wedding was on a cliff overlooking the whole bay. You can see a few pictures from it below. The view was an amazing backdrop. It was a short and nice ceremony. They were married in Mexico, at an Italian restaurant by a British wedding coordinator was translating the minister. Then we all stayed at the restaurant and had dinner. We got a little cold, since it is the desert and we were all in nice dresses. So the waiters brought out shawls for all of us to stay warm.

After the wedding we did some more relaxing. Mary and I got a spa treatment. It was a nice gift from my mom to the 2 of us. The last night we were there, those of us that were left went to the hotel that Mary and Bruce usually stay at on the Pacific Ocean side of the bay area. It had a laid back, quiet, private feel to it. I enjoyed that. Then the next morning mom and I headed back to LA and then home. I was really only in Mexico for a little less than a week, but it was so what I needed. I think I was having Mary withdrawals. :) And I got to meet a lot of great people down there; some that lived there and some of Bruce’s friends.

Olive Juice to everyone that went and to everyone that we met. I have to go now I been here for hour.

Until next time…


At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Mary said...

I was most definitely having Julya withdrawals. Today is quiet in Cabo with everyone gone. A strange transition after the last few weeks but we are enjoying our quiet time together. We loved having you there Julya and couldn't have imagined you without us. Olive juice from Mr. and Mrs. Sult

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Christi said...

What fun! It looks so nice down there.
Nice tan lines Julya :)

At 9:52 PM, Anonymous booce! said...

I am having margarita withdrawls. I need a Mexican nap.... 2 red bulls.

At 7:58 PM, Blogger Julya Steyh said...

I think that's it. I miss red bull here. We have Vi. Just as good.


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