Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Medical Update

I know some of you have been talking with my parents and have heard that I am having some medical problems over here. It is nothing serious, but I thought I should post an update since I am getting a lot of questions about it. :)

Since moving out to my site in December I have had a sort of facial rash. It isn't anything too bad and most people can't tell I have it. It just itches like crazy and looks a little like zits. We can't figure out what it is or what is causing it. At first we thought it was bed bugs, hence the bed bugs clip that a lot of you saw from my video home. It is not bed bugs. It is not any type of bug. It is not acne, shingles, chiggers... It could be linked to stress, mold, humidity or hormonal. When I went to Mexico it all but disappeared. As soon as I arrived back in country, it came back full force somewhat worse than before. I do have a lot of mold at my house and it is stressful living here (although I love it!) and it is humid. So, we are trying to figure it out. There isn't a great dermitology department here, so that is part of the problem figuring it out. My PC medical officer has been great trying to help me figure it out. The next step is sending pictures to DC to see if they can figure it out. It wouldn't bother me so much, but it itches which is hard and makes me worry about scaring. Like I said, you look at pictures of me and can't see anything, it's more something I notice because it's my body.

Also, I have been to see the doctors a few times for other problems as well. I have had some blood work done lately because my body has low hormonal and nutritional levels. Like I said, it is nothing too serious. It's just stuff we are trying to figure out that are taking awhile. I have been lucky. Usually volunteers struggle with things like giardia, but I am doing well.

I am still in Apia. I am ready to head back to Savai'i. I like Apia, but it's so busy and it's not my home. So, I feel like I am living out of a bag while I am here and I am ready to head back home and sleep in my own bed and cook my own food again. Plus, I still have lessons to plan and tests to grade. Last night La La's sisters were in town and leaving on the late plane and I got the chance to meet them and hang out. It was fun. We went to a really nice restaurant that is a ways out of town but REALLY nice, Apaula Heights. It isn't too expensive, it's just inconvenient for us volunteers without cars to get there. Her sisters had rented a car and so we finally got the chance to check it out. Amazing food. I will definatly take anyone there that visits.

Until next time...


At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Alexis said...

Your sick?!?!?!?!? Julie buddy get well, K? I have talked to my princeipal about the fun raiser, and she said that we could do it next year cause I have 3 more days of school left. Our latest fun raiser was for kids in Seattle that did not have mony for food in the summer (The End Summer Hunger committee) and we raised over 4,000 dollers! Trust me, if I do this with the WHOLE school, we would get THOUSANDS of kids books. And I bet our library could donait some to.


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