Sunday, May 21, 2006

Last bit of pictures & Leaving for Conference

Fire "buckets" on the boat. We are prepared for a fire...

Sara and I on the boat.

The great group of people we met that worked at the hotel in Cabo where Mary was staying...

Here are a few more pictures I wanted to post. I am leaving tomorrow for a week long conference with my group. I am definatly looking forward to some r&r. It is a nice time to relax and reflect on our last 6 months as a volunteer.

Mid-Year Exams are over. So, I have finished my first term of teaching. It was strange being back for such a short time before heading out again for this conference. And we didn't have usual class either. I wasn't writing lesson plans or teaching. I just sat in while my students were taking exams and made sure that they weren't cheating or anything like that. It is time for a break though. You can tell that the teachers and the students are ready for some time away from school.

So, I look forward to staying in a hotel here for the week. Until we get back...I will write more about it then.


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