Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ready to Leave soon!

Hey everyone. I am heading to LA tomorrow to go to the wedding. I am so looking forward to it. I think I need a nice break. School is getting busy, and just some other stuff that I cannot really post on my website. If you want to know email me.

I am looking forward also to seeing my mom. As some of you know my grandfather passed away last week and it has been hard being away from family for all of that. He was close to his 102nd birthday! Mom and I are still going to Mexico, and when she gets back they will hold a funeral for him. I am glad that he went peacefully and was flirting with the nurses right up until the end. I knew that when I left it would possibly be the last time, but it doesn’t matter how well you think you prepare yourself for someone’s death. It is still hard when it happens. So, it will be nice to see my mom and share some time with her since it was her father. I am lucky he passed right before I am coming to see her than right after I headed back to Samoa. So, in that regard I am doing okay. Sadness comes and goes.

I cannot wait to spend some nice time in the sun on the beach and seeing some friends. I am especially looking forward to seeing Mary and Bruce. It will be nice to be apart of their wedding and just relax in the sun. Even though I am in the sun all the time here, I am still working and don’t get to relax all that much.

Until next time…


At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Liz said...

Happy travels, Julya! I hope you have a relaxing trip and really enjoy the time with your mom.


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