Friday, January 06, 2006

Quick Update

Hey everyone. I am still in Apia. I just wanted to tell you about my crazy day that happened today. So this morning I got up a little later than usual, like 7:30am (I have been having trouble sleeping). Holly slept in until 9. Which is kind of a joke because that isn't really sleeping in, but seems so here. We were in her kitchen getting ready to head into town and she felt something brush across her leg and kicked it off. When we looked a centipede ran across the floor and under a counter thing. She freaked out and was a little shocked. (They are NASTY buggers). I grabbed the mortein (good bug killing stuff) and just started spraying. Finally it came out and came at me. I started yelling, Holly was on the chair yelling. The neighbors must have thought we were nuts. Finally it died in a pool of mortein.

Then we headed into town and started walking to the PC office. We stopped into Aggie Greys on the way (a high upscale hotel in Samoa) and asked to see a girl that works there that lives in the village we trained in. She was on lunch, but this lady that works there started chatting with us and asking us if we were PC. Turns out she is Aggie. She invited us to have lunch with her, but we had just eaten. It was cool.

Next we are heading over to Marques' house to cook him a nice meal. (He doesn't have the most experience cooking) so we are going to help. And it will be nice for me to see where he lives, since he has been to my house in Savai'i. It should be fun. I got my new camera recently (my old one was shot), so I will start uploading pictures soon. Until next time!


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Christi said...

Darn those little critters! :)


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