Thursday, December 08, 2005

LPI (Language Proficiency Interview) Day

I wanted to post another quick update on how things are going in the village. We are in Apia all day long today for our language test. I had mine second, so I have all day to do whatever I want. Which is a nice change from being in training for so long. :) We also have to buy thank you gifts for our families today as well.

Things are well. There has been some things in the village that has made it a little stressfull. The village has some organizational problems for scheduling events. Our fiafia (dance thing) we put on for the village was cancelled and then now we are doing it again tomorrow. But nothing too big. It will just be nice to finally move to our sites. I can't believe that is in a week! I am looking forward to moving out there. I really like the people in our group (we keep hearing good stuff about us). But I am also looking forward to moving out there with Bob and Josh. I think living with (in one house split into two) Bob will be great. He is really funny and has a great sense of laid back humor. So we will keep each other sane there. And Josh is a great friend too. The three of us usually hang out together a lot anyways, so it will be fun. But I will also miss seeing the rest of the trainees (soon to be volunteers) all the time. We have some great friendships. Thank goodness for email and telefones. (oops Samoan spelling is affecting my english)... I will miss the many chats I have with Marques and Sara. They are the other Christians in my group and it's been great having them to talk with. I think I have been a Christian longer than them, but it's so great to have them to talk with and really work struggles in being a trainee out with. I will miss Marques and Sara a lot when I go to Savai'i, they are staying on 'Upolu. Really, I will miss all the other trainees that will stay on this main island. We really get along well and have a good friendship with the group going. It will be nice to start working, but hard to leave that support and friendship.

So I had to spend a night in Apia the other night. I have giardia. Yeah, that's a lot of fun. But then I also got a flew that made me really sick to my stomach. It was horrible, and that day was one of the hottest days I have experienced in Samoa so far. So it was nice to get out of the village and let things in my body calm down a little bit. And get some good sleep in the hotel (although my air conditioner broke...) :) In the village it's hard to sleep solidly through the night. Dogs bark like crazy and they just go off and then all the dogs on the road have to join in and they don't stop for like 20 minutes. And every morning at 5am the bell rings to wake the village up. But I am getting used to it. To the bugs and they heat. I am trying to. :) After today, language classes are over. I took the test, I won't know how i did for awhile. We head back to the village today.

Then we have our dance thing for the village on Friday and move back to Apia Saturday. I can't believe it is so soon. It seems like yesterday we all stepped off the plane. This is some cool facts. The last PCSamoa group to have all the volunteers swear in and not have someone go home in training I think they said was group 66. Anyways, it's been awhile and no one from our group had gone home yet. That would be cool. And I don't know if there's been a PCSamoa group where no one has gone home for the whole 2 years, but that would be cool if we were it. :)

I will post some pictures when we get back on Saturday or at least before swearing in on Wednesday.

Manuia le aso.


At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Christi said...

Great job with learning the language! You must be quite excited to finally start being a "volunteer" and not just a trainee. Congratulations!!!

At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on doing so well out there. I'm sorry to hear that you've been a little ill but we all know how strong a person you are and that these are mere tiny bumps in the road. Have fun and look forward to your next post!


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