Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quick break

I just wanted to do a quick shout out. Today we had a drop off where they drop us off somewhere on the island and we have no idea where because we were blindfolded and they say find this village that could or could not be near you. On the way back Bryan (who I was paired up with) and I happened to pass through Apia so we are stopping to check emails and send a quick update.

Things are going okay. I have been struggling a little bit in the village, but all the other trainees are so awesome and we all go through it. I am so excited to have 2 weeks left until the language proficiency test. I think I will get it no problem. I am starting to really pick up sentence structure. We are putting on a big fiafia for the village the last friday we are there. The girls are learning to dance samoan style and the boys are learning some fun ones too.

Can't say too much, I don't have too much time. But I wanted everyone to know Thanksgiving was great. We learned how to cook in the traditional style umu they have here, it is a LOT of work and we cooked a turkey in it. And after we were done we left the village and went to a really nice beach with the turkey and met up with group 73 and had turkey and drank ava anmd swam in the ocean and played and had a blast. It was the next best thing to being with family. These people will become my family here.

Love you all and miss you. For those who emailed me, I will send out replys when we get back from the village. I LOVE YOU! I am doing awesome. I am stoked to be a volunteer soon...


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Allison said...


Sounds like you're having a great time. When can you take visitors? ;-) We missed you at Thanksgiving but I'm glad you had a good one.

I'm bummed that you're going to miss my wedding. Julian and I are getting married in June. But, at least you're missing it for a good cause! :-)

Keep your chin up!

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Brian C Henderson said...

I told you you'd ace the language barrier! Praise God! I'm so happy you're doing so well. All the same we miss you!
-Brian H

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Julya Steyh said...

I didn't know you were engaged! I can take visitors starting March 15. But I leave for a vacation break to Mexico for a friends wedding in May. So maybe after May people can visit. I have to save my vacation days for the wedding... :)


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